A fly-MaaS (Mobility as a Service) business providing the benefits of private flights at the price of a commercial. And yet, we are not an airline.

Flying has lost its purpose due to several reasons and travel is going through historic changes.

We are creating a digital solution to stream flights, avoid crowds and to minimize time wasted.

Using our solution with private terminals and smaller airports yields fastest door-to-door travel time at greatest comfort achievable today. We bring the revolution of emission-free travel with electric aircrafts to reality by continuing to work with innovators and agencies.

We make all these benefits available at the price of commercial.

That makes us a flights streaming non-airliner and the lodestar of the fly-MaaS industry.

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Every space with an audience is a business opportunity. Our intelligent technology enables monetizing your audiences by reaching the right people at the right time, at the right place.

Doohlabs platform has been developed over 14 years in the digital out-of-home business, crafted from thousands of productions, implementations and deliveries that have built us to be the forerunners in digital out-of-home. Our clients praise us from our quality, creativity, comprehensive expertise in services and certainty of deliveries.

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